About TANÁm

Tanám is a food and artspace based in Union Square, Somerville. While we seek to continue the cultural advocacy mission of Pamangan, the Filipino American pop-up that has made its way throughout Greater Boston in the last three years, we seek to expand on its best ideas in our Bow Market space. 

Tanám is a place for stories that don't often get told, shared by the people who live those stories.

Each narrative weaves together food and other artforms to present an experience that allows guests to step out of their restaurant expectations and for all - guests and staff alike - to consider their own and each other's place within the story, the food system and our communities.


The Tanám space will feature a 10-seat dining room equipped with speakers and a projector, as well as an outdoor vestibule and 3-seasons bar.

Tanám is what Pamangan always wanted to be and more.  (Photo: Vincent Hohn)

Tanám is what Pamangan always wanted to be and more. (Photo: Vincent Hohn)