Rex Macapinlac


Rex Mac is an Asian American, Boston-based hip hop musician, organizer, and journalist. Since 2012, Rex has built a discography of entirely self-produced projects, including the maximal, stadium set kingdom power glory to the bright, bouncy meditating in the moshpit.

His latest album, ABLOOM, is available now and his true magnum opus. It is a dense, thoughtful ode to mental health in flux - successfully unpacking themes from overcoming loneliness ("how to be alone"), to unlocking self-potential (“the world is not enough”), to finding closure in relationships (“all my love”). Sonically, ABLOOM is an amorphous production that manages to blend hip hop subgenres seamlessly - from 90s era West Coast G Funk, to Yeezus-esque industrial minimalism, to trap. 

Beyond his work as an independent musician, Rex is a contributing writer for Boston A&E website, Know Your Scene. He also organizes and hosts his own monthly hip hop showcase, Sonic Bloom, at Cambridge's Out of the Blue Too art gallery. 

Jon Barry



All at once - restorative justice practitioner, trauma response clinician, pop warner football coach, racial justice organizer, feminist men's group member, vegetable chopper, avid cyclist, big brother, and dish washer extraordinaire...

Jon grew up in Providence, RI and has lived in Boston since 2003.  Jon's life dream is to support the development of a network of men's groups that provides volunteer childcare at community events, holds restorative justice space for men who've committed harm in the community, and supports their members in doing the internal work of undoing patriarchy and racism.

Aaron Tanaka



hey i'm a community organizer, popular educator, investment strategist, and dreamer of post capitalist futures. play music for fun, hit golf balls for zen, and geek hard on blockchain and cooperative tech. a food obsessive, slang spanish tapas for scratch. ramen is my favorite thing to eat.

Rain Abdelrazaq



Rain grew up in Northern Virginia and moved to Providence for school. She got her degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University. Rain has gained food industry experience from Aramark Catering at Berklee College, Yacht & Beach Club at DisneyWorld, and Wegmans. 

Rain is half-Filipinx and half-Palestinian. She moved to Boston in 2016 and found Olio and Pamangan. She has been doing food, culture, and family research since she joined the collective. Working with Olio has encouraged her to explore both of her cultures through their cuisines.

Ellie Tiglao

pamangan journeyman IMG_8750.jpg


Where did a BA in Art & Art History, a BS in Neuroscience and my insatiable curiosity take me? 

IT Consultant. Cognitive Neuroscience Benchwork. Electrophysiology Researcher. Videogame Writing. Immunology Technologist. Grant Writer. Line Cook. Server. Designer. Software Educator. Quilter. Event Consultant. Bartender. Performance Artist. Programs Director. Personal Chef. Community and Events Director. Pop-up Purveyor.

In my understanding, all roads led here.  I'm all in on Tanám.