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Pampanga: Regional Cuisine from the Philippines' Culinary Capital

One night only: A coursed storytelling dinner experience with cocktail, literature and take home box. Ticket is tax-inclusive.

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Ellie draws from her regional culinary heritage for the menu at Commonwealth Cambridge, presenting a coursed narrative about class, war and colonization in Pampanga.

Menu Highlights:

  • Tidtad   Pork-filled rice cake, spicy offal gravy
  • Bulanglang   Fish belly, shrimp, guava, taro, okra, water spinach
  • Bringhe   Savory sticky rice, crispy skin chicken, chorizo Bilbao, capsicum puree, micro herb salad
  • Pancit Talangka   Lobster, crab roe, housemade noodles, porcini, shiitake, carrots, snowpeas
  • Tibok-tibok   Water buffalo milk pudding, coconut cream curd, key lime crisp
  • &   surprises throughout.

Accompanied by:

  • A zine that walks you through the menu and how it relates to the narrative presented
  • Baon: a take home box with sweet, savory and storied things to enjoy later
  • Tiki-style cocktail to begin the evening

About the experience:

The region my family comes from, Pampanga, is highly regarded as the culinary capital of the Philippines; and the reasons are many. At the heart of it, I believe our indigenous and indigenized dishes all share in their tendency towards richness and cycles of plenty and famine have taught us how to improvise well. Rather than shooed out of the kitchen, young people learn their family recipes as prep cooks and family time happens in the largest room of the house -- the kitchen.

About Tanám:

Tanám is the first restaurant concept by Olio, a worker cooperative, democratically run and operated primarily by women of color. Tanám features narrative cuisine, using food and art to tell stories that don't often get told, shared by the people who live those stories. Tanám also serves Filipino bar food and cocktails.

In addition to workplace democracy, Tanám prioritizes goals of sustainability and labor justice. Because we source locally whenever possible and seek the highest quality ingredients, changes to the menu may occur to reflect the uncertainty of fishing and the growing season.

Tanám looks to open this year in Union Square, Somerville's highly anticipated Bow Market.



About hardship of cost:

If the price is a hardship, we are happy to work with you on a way to attend. 

We suggest a $70 to $109 sliding scale, as $70.85 pays for cost of food ingredients and of direct labor. The full ticket price allows us to pay the venue cost, transportation, admin labor, and for the zine, baon take-home box and cocktail. The little that's left is put back into the cooperative.

If $70 is still not doable, we are happy to arrange a labor share (hours of work for price of ticket). We can also offer a free ticket if you bring on two other people at full price.

Send Ellie an email at with what arrangement works for you, and she'll get the process started!
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